My Story

In May 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy and 6 rounds of Taxotere, Cytoxan and Adriamycin. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

God Bless you all!

1. How did you get breast cancer with your healthy lifestyle and all the supplements you take?

I couldn’t prevent it because it was already there. I wasn’t always this healthy. In fact, I found my lump in 2003 (it was deemed normal). At that time, I was a hormonally imbalanced, stressed out, sleep deprived, non-exercising mess. It was this constellation of symptoms and me finding my lump that jump started my health crusade and ultimately led me to forming Laura Miles MD 3 years later. I believe my lifestyle changes slowed it down though. It should have been everywhere and it wasn’t!

2. Didn’t you get a mammogram?

Yes, I had a mammogram and ultrasound every year – including a few months prior to my diagnosis that were all “normal”. My type of cancer actually doesn’t show up on mammograms. It was missed on the ultrasounds. I was sure I had breast cancer so I insisted on a MRI, which is where they found it and if the MRI had been negative, I would have insisted on an open biopsy. The cancer was exactly where I told them to look seven years prior.

3. What changed that made you think you had cancer?

My nipple inverted slightly and this was new for me. The radiologist told me it was nothing to worry about and it was just aging. Lesson for all: if you have any change in your nipple at all whether you are a man or woman it is cancer until proven otherwise!

4. Did you lose your hair?

Of course! In fact, I made a video about hair loss to share with all women facing this challenge. Check it out at the top of this page!

5. How are you doing now?

I am doing fantastic! Truly! I really was never doing poorly. Thank goodness I am an integrative physician because I combined my knowledge of supplements with traditional chemotherapy and had very few side-effects. In fact, I really didn’t miss a beat. I didn’t have the fatigue you hear about. My blood counts were the same the day I walked in as the day I walked out. I had NO nausea. I really felt good this whole time. Lesson: you don’t have to let chemo run you down!

6. Are you angry you were missed all these years?

No! I believe all things happen for a reason. I always believed God led me to starting Laura Miles MD. I just never had any idea that He did it to save my own life. If I had been diagnosed 7 years ago, I would have not taken charge of my health and would have relied solely on chemo to combat the cancer. Now I know just how much control I have over this! I don’t know if this is gone forever, but I do know that I will spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to fight it by eating right, taking very specific supplements and exercising.

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