Weight Loss

Our weight loss program is individualized for each patient based on their risk factors as well as their basal metabolic rate. We teach you not only how to eat but more importantly how to pair your foods together for optimal metabolic activity. Our plan is not a diet but a healthy eating program that is good for the entire family.

More Than Just Weight

What makes our plan unique is that you are not just followed with your weight. The most important areas to follow are your body composition, focusing on fat loss and muscle gain, and your biochemical risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugars. We also address other factors that might impede your weight loss goal such as thyroid, hormone imbalances and stress. Dr. Miles and a nutritional consultant work together to help you succeed.

We want you to be successful in losing weight. Our program helps identify several pitfalls that have decreased your ability to lose weight in the past.

Why Our Program is Different:

Let us help you achieve your weight loss goals!

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Skinny Shots

Skinny Shots are a new tool that may help your weight loss goals succeed. These are intramuscular injections (translated as in the butt) that consist of ingredients to help support your weight loss efforts with fat blasting compounds.

Nutritional IV Therapy

Nutritional IV Therapies provide vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream rather than requiring your GI tract to absorb and break them down. This allows improved absorption and better levels. We offer Meyer’s Cocktail, IV Vitamin C, and Glutathione.

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