ADD and ADHD, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, are being diagnosed in epidemic proportions. Multiple factors can cause ADD/ADHD, including but not limited to: poor diets, food sensitivities, neurotransmitter imbalances, stress, learning disorders, and sight and hearing problems. Once your unique symptoms are identified, we address each factor and focus on proper nutrition and natural supplements.

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Adult ADD ADHA Oklahoma City Doctor

Do you have an undiagnosed condition?

Have you been to every doctor and had “every” test run and still don’t know why you feel the way you do? Maybe it is time to start thinking out-of-the-box. Sometimes a new approach is needed to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Nutritional IV Therapy

Nutritional IV Therapies provide vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream rather than requiring your GI tract to absorb and break them down. This allows improved absorption and better levels.

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