An autoimmune process involves antibodies attacking your own body. All autoimmune conditions are inflammatory whether it is lupus, scleroderma, sjogrens, hashimoto’s thyroid, celiac disease or a low tier unidentified process.

Our approach is to look for underlying causes of the inflammation. It is then addressed with a combination of lifestyle changes, nutritional interventions, and traditional medicine. These steps can help improve your quality of life. 

Nutritional IV Therapy Oklahoma City Doctor

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Do you have an undiagnosed condition?

Have you been to every doctor and had “every” test run and still don’t know why you feel the way you do? Maybe it is time to start thinking out-of-the-box. Sometimes a new approach is needed to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Nutritional IV Therapy

Nutritional IV Therapies provide vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream rather than requiring your GI tract to absorb and break them down. This allows improved absorption and better levels. We offer Meyer’s Cocktail, IV Vitamin C, and Glutathione.

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