As summer approaches and the shorts comes back out, it is time to pay attention to your skin.  This is the perfect time to do a mole check and make sure there is nothing suspicious. Even if you don’t think you have a skin cancer you might be surprised that some seemingly minor symptoms can be a tell-tale sign of cancer.

We all have moles and the majority of them are nothing to worry about.  However, early detection is absolute key because even a melanoma if caught super early can be removed with no other issues.  Once it goes deep then that’s another story!

Read on to learn 4 signs your mole might be cancer….  (hint – itching is one of them).

Here are things to look for:

    • 1.  Appearance warning signs
      1. a. The mole is asymmetrical and the sides don’t have matching halves
      2. b. Border: irregular, blurred border
      3. c. Color: uneven, very dark or multiple colors
      4. d. Size: Increasing size (although if it shrinks and gets darker/more irregular that can be an issue too). Anything over ¼ should be considered suspicious.
      5. e. Touch: elevated moles, firm to touch are suspicious
    • 2. Persistent scabs/pimples – these are often located on your face or back and at first seem like a pimple that has a perpetual scab. Get these checked out!  A scrape biopsy is often needed.
    • 3. Change in vision – melanoma can appear in the back of the eye and the only way to figure that out is a full eye exam
    • 4. Itching – if you have a mole that continues to itch then this is a warning sign.
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Go see your dermatologist for a full body check.  If you just can’t do that then I found an interesting site, DermTech.  Apparently you take a picture of your mole and for $39 a dermatologist will read it and tell you if it is suspicious.  I’m not sure how valid this site is so proceed with caution and even if they say it is ok and your mole is changing go see a dermatologist!


To your health,