Moving Past Fear to Hope

I was watching the Hunger Games movies these last several weeks and one of the lines President Snow said really stuck out.  He was discussing the ways to keep the districts in line and someone had suggested increasing the fear.  While fear is important in showing the districts consequences it [...]

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Decreasing Risk of Dementia

B5, O72…..Have you ever played BINGO?  I’m sure you have like I had.  You had a card and someone was clearly calling out the initial and number and yelling BINGO when you achieved whatever pattern they were asking for.  Ho, hum.  This is NOT the BINGO I did this past [...]

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Breaking Your Weight Loss Plateau

We have all been there.  Losing weight and then suddenly it stops.  Turns out the strategies you have been using to lose the weight over a prolonged period of time can back fire.  In addition, some people are just programed with a slower metabolism in general so traditional diet strategies [...]

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6 Triggers for Migraines

Do you ever feel like your head is caught in a storm, with lightning bolts of pain flashing behind your eyes and thunderous throbs resonating through your skull? If so, you may be familiar with the often-debilitating condition known as migraine headaches. Migraines are not just your average headaches; they're [...]

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Are your Medications Robbing your Nutrients?

Medications are necessary and important for managing issues like blood pressure, mental health, cancer, etc.  However, they can come with a cost robbing us of certain key nutrients.  When I hear of studies that indicate long term use of a medication creates issues like dementia, I wonder if that person [...]

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Combating Bone Loss

As we age bone density starts to drop in almost every woman and many men, too!  When bone density declines you are more prone to breaking a wrist, an arm or the dreaded hip.  You DO NOT want to break a hip because the risk of mortality is very high [...]

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What if we could detect Cancer Early?

February is World Cancer Day and National Prevention Month.  I look forward to the day that we are no longer talking about cancer and how the rates are climbing especially in our younger generation.  I’m ready to drop the C out this word which just leaves “ancers”.  Wouldn’t that be [...]

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