Ticks! 5 Myths and What to Do

One of the sure signs of warm weather is the surge of ticks!  I know so many people who have already been bit and this raises a big question of what do you do?  Ticks are the carrier of many diseases not only for humans but pets, too!  Unfortunately, since [...]

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Growing MMJ – It’s a Science!

Visiting a “Grow” was a fascinating and educational experience. Each plant has a slightly different leaf structure based on the strain and also has a different smell based on the terpenes.  Growing quality MMJ is a science.  Be sure and check out the video where Hunter from Emerald Alley Dispensary [...]

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MMJ Methods of Use

While smoking is what most people think of when they think of marijuana but for medicinal purposes having a controlled dose so you can get more of a consistent result.  You wouldn’t have varying doses of antibiotics, right?  The method of delivery of MMJ can make a big difference for [...]

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3 Key MMJ Components

Understanding the different terms with MMJ is the first step in understanding which one might be a better choice for your medical condition.  Our body has cannabinoid receptors all over our bodies.  We naturally produce endocannabinoids but lately attention has been turned to the phytocannabinoids which means derived from a [...]

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Reacting to Everything-Histamine Intolerance

When the histamine system is on overload your symptoms can go way beyond typical allergies and is often missed because the usual allergy symptoms like drippy nose is just not present.  Signs and symptoms of a histamine overload include: Hives, itching, rashes, flushing Swelling in tongue or lips Trouble breathing, [...]

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When Seasonal Allergies are Year Round

Do you have seasonal allergies and yet you are taking an anti-histamine year round?  Do you have a constant runny nose or phlegm going down the back of your throat?  Do you have asthma? I think of the histamine system like a bathtub.  Anything that raises the level of water [...]

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AhChoo-4 Tips to Help Your Allergies

Yes, spring has sprung and your nose might be “sprung” also.  Ah-Choo!  If you have drainage in your throat, drippy nose and watery eyes then allergies can definitely be at play.  If you have severe allergies though there is often a whole different level of histamine problems you may be [...]

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Spring Pep Talk – Don’t “Try”

As we are turning the corner into spring with the redbud's in bloom, plants emerging from their winter sleep and grass starting to get greener now is the best time to start waking up yourself, too. New Year’s resolutions are long gone and yet here you still are in the same [...]

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