Do you have increased joint pain, gut issues and swelling of your fingers during the holidays? I’m sure you are blaming thanksgiving meals and the holiday parties which are most likely the culprits but wouldn’t you like to know what you can do to get back on track quickly?

READ ON for some 3 quick turnaround tips when your diet goes off the deep end…

  1. Hydrate – drinking more water will help flush out those toxins faster. If you have been drinking excess alcohol you might need to add a few electrolytes to one of your glasses of water a day because alcohol depletes these.
  2. Take Glutathione- I have found glutathione to be really good at clearing toxins when you have food sensitivities and have gotten an exposure or eaten them on purpose. You will still react but taking glutathione for several days seems to decrease how long the symptoms last and helps you get back on track faster.
  3. Eat super clean for a few days – this means keep it simple with only protein and veggies. Leave out the starchy carbs, alcohol and sugary foods.  Doing this only for a few days can start to help your recover.  Ideally, the longer the better.  If you know you have a big party coming up do this before you go to the party for several days and you will find recovering from your food coma will be a little easier!
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Just because you over-indulged one night doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it for weeks to come.  Have fun with your family and friends and get back on track as soon as you can.

To your health,