I recently had a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer but was in a watch and wait mode.  Often when the tumor is small and is a low grade, men will be placed on surveillance and monitored because the tumors may not progress.  The treatment can create significant issues with erectile dysfunction and incontinence so they try not to rush in too early, especially if they are young.

This was the case with my patient and he and his wife came in looking for an action plan to do for the next three months before the next MRI.  I gave him a protocol and recently found out when he went back for his MRI the cancer was GONE!!  I believe this is directly attributed to his hard work and the answer to prayer.

When you are in a watch and wait mode for any type of cancer/precancer this is the time to take aggressive action whether it is prostate cancer, HPV that can progress to cancer, a breast lump they are going to watch.  I think this also goes for the watch and wait of medical conditions like pre-diabetes, borderline high blood pressure, etc.  We don’t want to sit around and just wait to get those diseases.  Take Action!

READ ON for 6 tips if you are in a watch and wait mode….

  1.      Change your diet. Try to eat as organic as you can with increasing your veggie count to 5-7 veggie servings per day.  Decrease animal protein with a move toward chicken, grass fed beef and fish.  Ideally, limit the red meat as much as possible.  The reason for the diet changes is to decrease the inflammatory burden on the body that our processed diets produce as well as decrease our toxic exposure with all the pesticides, hormones and genetically modified foods.
  2.      Exercising 30 minutes 5 days a week to the point of sweating has been shown to decrease the incidence of cancer recurrence so I think it just makes sense that it is also good for cancer prevention!!
  3.      Get specific on this for your type of cancer/pre-cancer condition.  Today we are focused on prostate so here are a few important additions to your daily plan:
    •      Pomegranate juice. Studies have shown that drinking 8 ounces of pomegranate juice a day decreased the progression of the PSA which is a marker for prostate cancer.
    •      Broccoli has an ingredient called sulforaphane and this has an amazing anti-cancer punch especially for hormone fed cancers (men and women).  Good supplements are high dose and are the equivalent of 8 servings of broccoli a day!  I like Oncoplex ES by Xymogen.
    •      Boost the natural killer cells (NK). NK cells are what I call your own internal chemotherapy.  While there are several products that I reach for to help with this if I am wanting to hit it hard I reach for AHCC.  The product ImmpowerER has a high concentration of AHCC and I have seen it raise even the most stubborn NK cell counts.  I reach for this with HPV and most other cancers, too.
  4.      Be mindful. There was a nice study looking at elevated PSA in men and they were put into two groups:  one changed their diet and exercised while the other group changed their diet, exercised as well as adding meditation.  The group that added the meditation did better and their PSA did not double as quickly as the other group.
  5.      Be spiritual. There are numerous studies that show people who have a deep connection with a higher power do better in general.
  6.      Reduce stress and sleep. Bottom line is taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to work on stress reduction will help you in numerous ways.  As for sleep, many of our restorative functions are generated and working full speed at night.  When we don’t sleep then we are handicapping the very system that is supposed to be helping us fight off intruders.
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If you are in a watch and wait mode then take action!


To your health,