Now, more than ever we need to be tapping into what nature is giving us.  Cue, sunlight.  It is amazing something as simple as getting sun exposure has so many benefits.  Sun has many physical and mental health benefits but who knew that the sun decreases our fat storage among other beneficial effects???

READ ON to learn 8 reasons you need sun in your life….

  1.      Mood booster: exposure to sun helps release serotonin which is a feel good hormone.  This is one of the reasons those long, dark dreary days of winter can be so hard on us and can often result in seasonal affective disorder.  We use light boxes in the winter for this but during the summer a simple walk outside can make all the difference.
  2.      Raises vitamin D: Vitamin D is a power hormones that is good for mood, helps with calcium uptake in the bones making them stronger and it also helps heal leaky guts!
  3.      Helps skin: people with eczema and acne often benefit from sun exposure.  Many dermatologists purposely use light therapy for these conditions.
  4.      Immune boost: sunlight helps boost our white blood cells which can help fight infections
  5.      Boosts cortisol: sunlight in the morning has been shown to help boost cortisol to help wake you up
  6.      May be correlated with lower blood sugar: hemoglobin A1C which is a marker of blood sugars are typically lower in the summer than winter months.  Interestingly, Type 1 diabetes is lowest at the equator…..
  7.      Decreased fat storage: When the sun penetrates our skin and reaches our fat cells the ultimate result is our fat cells don’t store as much fat!
  8.      Decreased severity and development of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis.
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The best sun exposure is 30 minutes of your day to your arms and legs.  There is a fine balance with enough sun and too much because we know it increases the risks of skin cancer and wrinkles.  Be sure and avoid sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate especially if you are near water as they are harmful to aquatic life.

To your health,