Isn’t it amazing that how after the age of 40 everything in your body starts to shift?  Before you could skip a meal and drop 5 pounds, now you skip a meal and gain 5 pounds.  The old saying of calories in calories out doesn’t add up either.  Yes, what you eat and how much you expend is still paramount but there are a few things that could be hampering all of your attempts.  If you crave sugar, have bloating and can’t shed that weight READ ON to learn about one hidden cause that you may not have thought of and 5 tips to combat it….

I have had numerous patients that had just tried everything to lose weight but hit a dead end.  In the course of addressing one who also had some gut issues I discovered a hidden culprit…. Yeast (candida).  Overgrowth of yeast in the bowel (usually small bowel) has many symptoms:

  • Bloating
  • Brain fog
  • Sugar cravings
  • Constipation

And now I’m adding to the list….

  • Inability to lose weight

We have known for years that the gut microbiome does play a role in weight patterns and they have even isolated certain strains that may be responsible.  Little attention has been given to yeast though.

Yeast organisms are naturally occurring in our gut but when they overgrow is when we get into trouble.  Many women will only connect yeast with vaginal yeast infections.  You don’t have to have a vaginal yeast infection to have a yeast overgrowth.  Recurrent vaginal yeast infections however may be a sign of a bigger problem in the gut.  In addition, if you have had thrush then chances are you do have a bigger problem.

Changing your diet can really help but I often find people who have yeast colonization have this insatiable appetite for sugar. Since sugar is one of the most addictive substances you can feel like you need a 12 step program to get off of it.  It’s not as easy as just stopping.  There are many ways to tackle a yeast overgrowth that can start you on the right path.

    • 1.  Add an anti-yeast supplement. There are so many out there and you just have to find one that works for you.  My favorite is Yeast Cleanse which is a combination product using olive leaf, oregano and turmeric.  Garlic is also exceptional at keeping yeast at bay.  Combination products seem to work the best.  Click on the links for my go to anti-yeast supplement – PW VMD4447.
    • 2. Change your diet.
      • a.   know it’s hard but the more sugar you can cut out of your diet the faster you will turn this around. Yeast love sugar so by eliminating it you are decreasing their food source.
      • b.  Cut out foods that convert to sugar. This one is KEY!!  Hidden sugars are really the biggest issue here.  Any starches like potatoes and rice convert very rapidly to sugar.  In addition, breads, pastas, corn, carrots and bananas are examples of other foods that rapidly convert.  These need to be limited anyway but when you have yeast on board decreasing these can really benefit you.
    • 3.  Biofilm disruptors. Biofilm is the outer coating that so many organisms produce to keep your body from recognizing them and attacking them.  Yeast organisms are sneaky and biofilm disruptors may also help.  There are many biofilm disruptors available over the counter.  I only use these in resistant cases and start with a light one and then if no improvement I will add one with a small amount of EDTA which is a chelator.
    • 4.  Binders do exactly what their name says… they bind.  Everything.  Food, medications, nutrients as well as the yeast.  It is important that these be taken away from food and medications (2 hours after or 1 hour before) to avoid it binding key things your body needs.  When taken correctly binders are very effective at removing yeast, mold and sopping up any die-off products in the meantime!  One of my favorites is GI detox which is a combination of clay and charcoal.
    • 5.  Prescription anti-fungals often make a dramatic difference.  Nystatin and Diflucan are the mainstays depending on your symptoms.  I am not a fan of continuous therapy though as it can be very hard on your liver.  Pulse these in for 2-3 weeks at a time alternating with something natural for a one-two punch.
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If you are struggling to lose weight, keep trying and don’t give up!  Consider yeast as a culprit and take a look at the anti-yeast diets as you might just be surprised with the results!

To your health,