We are constantly building and breaking down bone every single day and bone loss (osteopenia/osteoporosis) is a naturally occurring process in all of us.  The key is to try to prevent accelerated bone loss and preserve and build as much bone as you can.  While bone loss can have a genetic component there are many things to pay attention to for the best bones.

What makes you high risk?

  • Small frame
  • Thin body structure
  • Genetics
  • Drinking caffeinated beverages
  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Lack of exercise
  • Early menopause

What tests should have have run if you are diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis?

  • Vitamin D (25 hydroxy) level – your goal is 60 or higher so don’t allow anyone to tell you your level is normal without knowing the number
  • Parathyroid hormone level (PTH) – high PTH will cause accelerated bone loss
  • Calcium level – high level indicates accelerated loss and the source must be identified  (this test does not indicate the amount of calcium you are consuming)
  • Thyroid levels – abnormal thyroid levels can increase bone loss
  • Inflammatory markers like hsCRP (high sensitivity C reactive protein) – high inflammation can accelerate bone loss
  • Autoimmune markers – any disease process that creates inflammation can contribute to accelerated bone loss
  • Stomach acid tests – low acid can increase your risk of bone loss
  • Hormone levels if appropriate

What should you do to help turn bone loss around?

  • Exercise with weights!! No excuse and no exceptions!!  This is truly key.  Don’t just do arm exercises either.  Focus on the key areas we get bone loss which is spine and hips!
  • Fix any of the other lifestyle causes like stop drinking carbonated beverages and avoid as much caffeine as possible (don’t worry, one cup of coffee or tea if just fine)
  • Take the appropriate amount of vitamin D3 and take the form that is paired with K2 for maximum absorption and utilization
  • Take the best form of calcium.  Calcium Hydroxyapatite (also known as MCHC) is one of the most absorbable types and I recommend this for most people with bone loss.  Calcium citrate is appropriate if you are prone to having kidney stones.  Stay away from carbonate and other forms.  Take calcium twice a day.  If you take it all at once your body will just eliminate it.
  • Take bone builders that support the body using the calcium like boron, vanadium, silica, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.
  • Consider Strontium for severe bone loss.  Be aware that Strontium must not be taken within four hours of any calcium so space these out.  So many products have the Strontium and the calcium together which just cancels each other out so avoid these products
  • If you have significant risk factors like an autoimmune disease or high inflammation then consider hormone replacement therapy that may also include testosterone to help prevent as much bone loss as possible.
  • Replete stomach acid with betaine and digestive enzymes if low
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Products I have seen good results with include:

  • Osaplex MK-7 by Xymogen:  this has the proper form of calcium and bone builders in easy to take packets
  • ProBono by Orthomolecular:  this has Strontium in the morning packet and calcium in the evening packet plus a bunch of bone builders.  I usually split the evening packet into two different doses so you don’t take all the calcium at once but keep it away from the morning packet.
  • K2-D3 vitamin D supplements.  We have them in many different doses.  If your level is below 30 then you will need a higher dose to achieve optimal results
  • Regenemax Plus:  Silica not only helps build bones but can help strengthen your hair and nails, too.  I like this paired with calcium and other bone builders.
  • Ostera by Metagenics: A good bone builder taken twice a day in addition to your calcium.
  • Ossopan by Xymogen:  a really good hydroxyapatite form of calcium.
  • K force by Orthomolecular:  This has a high dose of vitamin D paired with the highest dose of K2 I have found for extra bone building.

If you have bone loss and are starting a protocol then I recommend doing a bone turnover test in 3-4 months while you are on the protocol to see how much bone loss is occurring.  If you are still having excessive loss then you can adjust the protocol way before your next bone density scan a year away!

It’s important to keep our bones strong and healthy because broken hips are one of the leading causes of health issues and mortality in the aging population!

If you need help with your bone building protocol please contact us!

To your health,