Any time you are going thru a difficult time regardless if it is a physical issue or an emotional issue, science has shown that we store these energies in our body.  The paths these type of energies travel in are often referred to as meridians.  The ancient Chinese had extensive knowledge regarding these meridians and learned that when you apply pressure to them you can relieve a lot of what is stored.  This is one reason why acupuncture works so well.  While I love acupuncture it is not always convenient and can be expensive so a work around for this is TAPPING.

There are so many methods and so many ways to talk you thru tapping so the key here is to know that you just need to find a way that is useful to you.  I was taught that you start with picking a topic you are struggling with.   Your template will be

“Even though …………  , I completely love and accept myself.”


Let’s say you are anxious.  Your words will be something along these lines:

Even though I am anxious, I completely love and accept myself.

Then as you go thru the sequence with the tapping you are speaking about what you are anxious about.  I am worried about this deadline, what if they don’t like my presentation, I might get fired….  Etc but you always end with even though I am anxious, I completely love and accept myself.

The actual tapping is best seen than read but I will give a quick synopsis on one way to do it (again there are multiple ways).

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The tapping itself is using gentle pressure bouncing it gently off these pressure points.

Start with four fingers on one hand and tap what is known as the Karate Chop point on your other hand.  This point is the pinky side of your palm just on the outside edge.  Repeat your statement of “even though….. I completely love and accept myself” several times doing this motion.

The next several tapping points are in this order:

Above your eye

To the side of your eye

Below your eye

Above your lip

Below your lip

Your chest (In the breastbone region)

Top of your head

Then go back to your Karate Chop and affirm:  even though …..I completely love and accept myself.

Do these sequences several times.  Eventually you can replace your concerns with positive statements like I do a good job, I am a valuable person, I love who I am… or any statement that resonates with you.

I really like Nick Ortner’s tapping videos on you tube so I would refer you to them to see this in action.  Here is the link

The more you do this, the easier it becomes and you can do a shortcut when in a busy place and just tap the Karate Chop area and get the same effect.  Again, you will find different orders and different ways to say things so don’t get hung up on the technicalities.  Make this your own.


Just TRY this!!  It’s a great tool to have because it can be done anywhere.