Q: Do you have any recommendations on natural beauty products that work and are safe?  

Answer:  Great question!  Our beauty products do not have much regulation and are rarely labeled.  Because this is such an important topic I asked an expert beauty blogger, Sarah James, to chime in!  Sarah is a mother and lover of all things clean and safe. She started a blog in 2005 focusing on her favorite environmentally friendly products and it has grown into a full time business called Whoorl! Read on as she walks us through this toxic maze!

Mindful Practices for Non-Toxic Beauty
by Sarah James

So many of us are mindful of what we put into our bodies, whether it be supplements or organic food. But what about the products we regularly put ON our bodies? Did you know that the average person uses 12 products a day? (And teenage girls use an average of 17 per day?) Although our largest organ, the skin, provides a fairly protective barrier, a growing body of research is showing that even minute amounts of chemicals, when combined with other chemicals, can have unpredictable effects on the body.

Here’s the alarming truth – despite a few small amendments, cosmetic laws have barely changed since 1938. The FDA doesn’t require companies to provide safety data nor tests products for safety before entering the market. Furthermore, the European Union has banned over 1300 ingredients from products. The United States? 11.

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Long story short? You can’t rely on government regulation to keep you safe. It’s up to you.

So, where do you start? Well, that’s what I’m here for! Hopefully I can get you on the right track with a few helpful pointers. First off, let’s talk information. The two best sources for information in regards to cosmetics and skin care products are the EWG’s Skin Deep website and the Think Dirty App. Both are a wealth of information on products and specific ingredients.

As for specific beauty brands, I really enjoy a few online retailers that carry a great selection of nontoxic skincare and cosmetic lines that are high-performing. A few of my favorites are  Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, The Detox Market , and Pharmaca. Locally, Sephora and Ulta are starting to carry more and more “green beauty” options.

For more information on my favorite nontoxic beauty products and tips, visit my website,  Whoorl.com.