As we age bone density starts to drop in almost every woman and many men, too!  When bone density declines you are more prone to breaking a wrist, an arm or the dreaded hip.  You DO NOT want to break a hip because the risk of mortality is very high within 6 months of a hip fracture.  Yikes.

While bone loss is more common in women, men can have significant bone loss, too!

Risk factors for bone loss for women and men include:

  1. Age
  2. Poor lifestyle: sedentary, smoking, alcohol, caffeine
  3. Medical conditions and medications: steroids, cancer medications, parathyroid issues, thyroid, low hormones
  4. Genetics

Let’s talk ways to build bone (without medications) and you need to start NOW!  READ ON..

  1. Strength training: Seriously, this is number one bone building tip I can give you and I really could say this is number 1, number 2 and number 3 and on and on.  It is that important.  If you don’t do strength training you will not maintain bone.    Everyone reaches for dumbbells when they hear the words strength training, but while this is helpful for your arms don’t forget your hips and your spine!!  Resistance bands are very helpful and core exercises are key!
  2. Vitamin D: measure your levels and then take the appropriate amount.  Always pair your D with K2 to help promote the calcium/D actually getting in your bones!  Your goal of vitamin D should be above 60.
  3. Calcium: Yes, we need calcium but this is not the holy grail without the first two.  The most absorbable calcium is MCHC or sometimes called hydroxyapatite.  If you have kidney stones then calcium citrate is a close second.  Stay away from calcium carbonate – it just doesn’t do the job and might just end up contributing to calcium build up in your arteries.
  4. Other lifestyle changes – lifestyle is very important to your bones
    1. Quit smoking – smoking accelerates bone loss
    2. Decrease alcohol intake – excessive alcohol robs key nutrients used to build bone
    3. Cut back on the fizzy sodas/drinks – carbonation leaches calcium from the bones
    4. Cut back on caffeine – excessive caffeine can also leach nutrients
    5. Maintain a healthy weight – if you are too thin your bones may be more brittle
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Establishing good routines are key for our longevity so why not start now?!

I introduced Alicia Jones several times in past newsletters but I want to remind you she has a great at home strength training program for women over 50 (which means she is really tuned into bone loss).  Check out her masterclass here.

To your health (and bones),