Did you know that 70% of women don’t achieve orgasm during sex and 60% of women aren’t satisfied with their sex life?  There are a variety of reasons for this but one of them is decreased sensation.  There are over 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris compared to only 4000 nerve endings in the penis.  Personally, I think it takes that much more sensitivity to turn off a woman’s brain before she can relax enough to have sex!  Sound familiar?  As we age the sensation decreases and the ability to orgasm decreases along with lubrication.  Even younger women can have decreased sensitivity so it’s not just an aging problem.  When it’s harder to orgasm and more painful due to decreased lubrication a vicious cycle starts to occur leading to less desire and decreased libido.

The clitoris is much larger than just that little nub that you are familiar with.  It is the shape of a wishbone and extends down both sides along the labial area and the infamous G spot is actually part of the clitoris.  The clitoris is the only organ in the female body that is dedicated solely to pleasure.

READ ON to learn how to increase your sensation…    Hint:  there is a great new procedure we are now doing in our office that increases intensity or orgasm and lubrication…

Ways to increase sensation:

    •      Warming creams (like KY)
    •      Scream cream – a compounded topical medication applied directly to the clitoris 30 minutes prior to sex to increase blood flow and often has a menthol base to give you a tingling sensation
    •      O Shot- uses a needle to inject platelet rich plasma directly into the clitoris, labia and/or G spot
    •      Viveve (cryogenic aka freezing) and MonaLisa Touch (laser) procedure. These are INTERNAL treatments and are geared toward tightening the vaginal wall, improving vaginal atrophy and may help with lubrication.
    •      And now a revolutionary treatment called Cliovana which uses sound wave technology. Let’s talk more about Cliovana….

Cliovana uses sound wave technology to improve vascularization and nerve growth in the clitoral area resulting in increased sensitivity and lubrication long term!  This all helps lead to easier and more intense orgasms.  Studies using this technology showed dramatic improvement within 3 months of the treatment with many women seeing results within the first week.  Intensity of orgasm increased by 23% in the first month and by 3 months rose 115% from baseline.  Lubrication increased by 34% in the first month and by 3 months rose 100% above baseline.   Cliovana patients can expect 90% more intense orgasms, 90% increased lubrication and 80% improvement in arousal levels within 3 months!

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Here is what our patients are saying already:

     “Wow!  I haven’t felt that in a long time”.  This woman had decreased sensation after her hysterectomy and is now actually looking forward to having sex. 

     “The nurse was very professional and made sure I knew what to expect. My husband and I are very pleased with the results. He even offered to do a testimonial.” 

One woman came in for her second treatment very giddy exclaiming “That was AMAZING”. 

The procedure uses sound technology in three different steps.

  • Step one: a small cup is centered over the clitoral area and feels like a gentle tapping sensation which brings blood flow to the area so the other treatments are more effective.
  • Step two: uses a sound handpiece that applies pulses of sound to the clitoral and vestibular bulb areas on the outside of the vaginal area which is geared to promoting new blood vessel and nerve growth.
  • Step three: uses a different handpiece applied to the clitoral area to flush the area and has a combination of sound and vibration.

The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes. It is not an arousing procedure and is all external.  There are no needles, no surgery or pain.

Treatments include 4 total treatments which occur twice a week for TWO weeks.  Effects are long lasting with maintenance treatments occurring yearly.  Only 1-2 treatments are usually needed for maintenance at that time.

The only women who are not candidates for the Cliovana procedure are:

  • If you have a pacemaker
  • If you have active vaginal/cervical or ovarian cancer.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction and would like to see if Cliovana is appropriate for you call our office today for a sexual wellness consult.  Check out more information on their website.

To your health,