When I am dealing with any type of swelling in my body I reach for a few supplements:

Arnica Montana – this is something you pick up at the health food store.  I love Arnica.  It comes in sublingual tabs and topical gels.  Not only does it help decrease swelling after you have injured yourself doing stupid weekend warrior stuff (as is usually my case), it can help prevent swelling and bruising when you have certain procedures that may cause swelling.  If you are going to have any face procedure from plastic surgery to injections then start this 4 days prior and do it for about one week after for best results.

Pancreatic Enzymes – these help break up elements that build up preventing you from healing.  There are several good ones out there but my favorite is called Vitalzyme and Vitalzyme Xe.  These can sometimes even help with scarring!

 CBD creams – a high quality CBD cream/ointment can help with localized swelling if applied several times a day regularly.  Every cream is different so be sure and check the label so you know the strength of the product and make sure the vendor can show you the certificate of analysis for the product.

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