I am asked all the time for tips on how to be consistent with supplements.  I have discovered a few different methods that can make your life so much easier.
  • The pill box – Yep.  Just like the one your grandma had but these are amped up! Personally, I like having two 7 day boxes.  One is for my morning supplements and the other for my nighttime ones.  If needed I have a much smaller one for anything that needs to be taken during the day.  I spend a few minutes once a week loading everything up so I am good to go!
  • MedPax – These are packets that Xymogen creates that contains the supplements you need divided into morning, evening or nighttime packets.  I did these for traveling and I was so surprised how much I liked them.  I can’t wait for my gazillion bottles to run out so I can turn them into packets for everyday use not just travel.  They only contain Xymogen products but often we are able to find substitutes for other brands that work just as well.  I have multiple brands that I typically take and I was able to get everything but 2 supplements into my packets. Give us your list of what you take and when you take it and we will see if these will work for you!  The cost is often the same so it’s worth investigating.
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  • Last tip:  When you run out of something keep the bottle until you refill it.  If you throw it away you will not remember that you need a refill and it may be months before you recall you were supposed to be taking it!!  I hear and see this all the time!