You will see melatonin in the supplement section to help with sleep but its real fame goes much deeper.  For sleep, melatonin may help you fall asleep but while it is useful for mild sleep issues, I have never found it super helpful in more significant sleep issues.  I know many of you have tried melatonin with the same lackluster response.  For this reason, melatonin is not my go-to supplement for sleep.  I have used it in my cancer and covid protocols though which tips you off that there is something more to melatonin than sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that was thought to be produced solely by the pineal gland which is in our brain.  It is released at night and sends a signal for us to go to sleep.  I recently attended a lecture by who I am going to call the “father of melatonin”, Russel Reiter.  His sole mission in research has been focused on melatonin and at the young age of 86 he blew me away with his research and knowledge causing me to totally rethink using melatonin not for sleep but for other reasons.  READ ON to learn about the 3 REAL reasons you need to take melatonin….

First, let’s look at some facts: