While smoking is what most people think of when they think of marijuana but for medicinal purposes having a controlled dose so you can get more of a consistent result.  You wouldn’t have varying doses of antibiotics, right?  The method of delivery of MMJ can make a big difference for achieving your desired effect.  In most states, true MMJ only allow tinctures and creams.  Some do allow gummies and even fewer allow smoking.  In Oklahoma, there is no restriction of form.

This week I will be posting several videos exploring the different forms and Hunter with Emerald Alley Dispensary will be giving us some of his tips.

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Tinctures are considered the most accurate dosing available.  You place the drops under your tongue primarily.  You still have to pay attention to the strains and terpene profile as well as the dose.  It is fairly easy to dose up though as you just increase the number of drops you take.  Tinctures relief may last 6-8 hours .

Creams/topicals can be good especially for soft tissue pain that is localized.  Roll ons, pumps, patches can all be used directly on the point of pain for temporary relief.  Topicals may last 4-8 hours depending on type of pain.

Gummies come in a variety of strengths and strains like just the tinctures.  While this seems to be a common form there can be some variability in the batches even from one gummy to the next.  Start with ¼ dose and wait at least 2 hours before deciding you have not had any effect.  May last 6-8 hours.

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Smoking really should be from indoor grow facilities so the product can be processed and remove any of the outdoor elements the plant had been exposed to:  pesticides, heavy metals from the soil, fungi etc.  Pay attention to the strength and strains also by looking at the %THC/%terpenes etc.  Rapid acting but shorter in duration than the prior forms listed.

Vaping – also many different strengths/strains.  This is like other vaping methods though and is an oil.  The solutions tend to be highly concentrated so if you are new to MMJ then take only one puff before doing a bunch.  Rapid acting and shorter in duration.

Dab – this is a highly concentrated method of delivery.  Take a look at our video on other forms for more information about this.  Rapid acting and shorter in duration.

Rick Simpson Oil – this is a very specific strain that has a very high concentration of THC. Can be applied topically or ingested.   Also not for the novice user.  It was named after Rick Simpson who used this to help some ailments prior to cannabis really being on the radar for anyone.  This in addition to the tinctures may help with chemotherapy induced nausea and increasing appetite.

I’m sure there are more methods out there but these are the primary ones.

To your health,

Laura Miles