PRP has been a hot topic that is gaining more and more attention for a variety of conditions. PRP can be used to help with hair loss in men and women, joint issues and has been used to help the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture and acne scars. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! Let’s do a dive into what PRP actually is and why you get so many benefits. READ ON….

Good news is we now do PRP for hair restoration as well as microneedling on the face for wrinkles, improved skin texture and acne scars. Call for your FREE discovery call today to see if this a good fit for you.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and consists of a high concentration of platelets. PRP consists of a blood draw of your own blood. The blood is then spun down and the red and white blood cells are removed because if they are left in they will cause a delay in healing. The remaining serum is where the magic happens. Once this has been separated then the serum can be injected into the scalp, a joint or spread on the face to be used with micro-needling. When injected it helps mimic the healing process that occurs in the body after injury.

Let’s look into PRP for hair loss:
Hair restoration: PRP increases hair density, strength, quality and volume of hair. Within each dormant hair shaft there are stem cells responsible for the growth cycle of hair. When PRP is injected into the scalp it will trigger a number of biological activities through the release of glycoproteins activating hair follicle growth factors.
PRP injections are simple and efficient with a low cost-to-benefit ratio, and can be valuable as an alternate treatment for alopecia. Typical sessions include 3 consecutive sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart with a 6 month booster following the start of therapy. It can be used in combination with other hair restoration modalities (minoxidil, anti-androgen prescriptions, etc.). Studies have shown that PRP in patients with androgenetic alopecia have effective response to hair growth, especially in comparison to those who have had a negative response to over-the-counter topical treatments. Results can be seen as early as 2 months. Treatment is specified to each patient and outcomes vary from person to person.

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Some questions you may ask yourself that may make you a good candidate for PRP regarding treatment for hair loss:
• Have you tried OTC, vitamins or prescription treatments without any improvement?
• Have you had your thyroid, hormones, iron or autoimmune markers evaluated?
• Is your hair loss getting worse as you age?
• Would you like to try a combo of treatments with a professional to get the hair growth you are looking for?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call and schedule a FREE discovery call consult. Our programs may include a special genetic test to see what hair products would work best for you, a hormone analysis and a PRP plan which all work synergistically together or if you have already tried all of that then we can simply do PRP alone! We will find the right combination of therapies for you for an effective and safe treatment for hair loss.

Next week I will discuss how PRP is being used for wrinkles and aging skin! Amazing results!

To your health,