I know the last thing you want to talk about is COVID but we need to revisit this as the numbers climb and climb.  It’s amazing how we shut down our state for an average 300 cases a day (in OK) and now we are in the thousands a day.  Our hospital system has been doing well but recently it is starting to get taxed and with flu season just around the corner it is time to be smart.  One thing you need to know, hospitals diverting because of full beds happens routinely even without COVID.  In addition, many hospitals have limited the number of COVID cases and are claiming to be “full” in order to not take a new case.  This is something the hospital system is working on and more hospitals are accepting more COVID cases.  Regardless, we need to take this surge seriously.

It is important to realize that everyone responds differently to this virus and just because you think you are healthy doesn’t mean it will be an easy recovery.  It you have any risk factors then you need to be ultra aggressive the minute you discover you have the virus.  Most people will do just fine but be as proactive as you can be.  One of the most serious side-effects of this virus are blood clots so if you have any clotting risk factors like genetic predisposition, obesity, taking testosterone injections/pellets/creams in high doses, perhaps birth control pills and other medications be sure and read below what to do.

Keep in mind that taking the immune supplements does not guarantee you won’t get COVID but hopefully you may dodge it if it is a mild exposure and if you do get it hopefully you will not have as severe of a case.  As a reminder on how to prevent it here are the basics:

  1. Wear a mask – honestly, if you are high risk then use only the N95 masks with no respirator system.
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Practice social distancing – it’s the group gatherings of friends that I would say is the biggest risk
  4. Work on getting healthy – right now!! Start eating right, exercising and losing weight if needed.  It is not too late as this virus is going to be around a long time.
  5. Take your preventative supplements as we have discussed previously. There are a multitude of things you can take so focus in on a few and just stay consistent.  Here are a few that have been discussed before:
    1. Vitamin C
    2. Melatonin
    3. NAC (for lung protection) especially if you are a smoker, have asthma, COPD
    4. Vitamin D
    5. Anti-virals like Viracon or Andrographis
    6. Zinc (don’t do high dose >25mg on a daily basis though)
    7. Benfotiamine if you are a diabetic

What if you get COVID?  Here is a basic protocol to start immediately

Basic COVID protocol:

  1.      Vitamin C 1000mg – take one capsule every hour for at least 8 hours *stop if you have diarrhea
  2.      Vitamin D 50,000 iu – take daily for three days and then stop
  3.      Zinc 15-20mg – take one capsule three times a day with a meal for three days and then decrease to once daily
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For lungs if you have any symptoms (cough, chest tightness,etc) or if you are a smoker/asthma/COPD/prone to lung infections:

  1.      NAC 500-600mg – take one capsule twice a day
  2.      Andrographis by Metagenics: take 2 tablets every two hours for 12 hours the first day  and then three times a day until symptoms resolve  (this is also good to take when you first get diagnosed regardless if you have lung issues or not)

If you are diabetic:

  1.      ADD Benfotiamine by Xymogen: 2 capsules twice a day

If you are over 50, have a genetic predisposition to blood clots or basically anything that would increase your clotting risk **if you are taking testosterone then do this (small amount of creams in women are not an issue):

1.     ADD Baby aspirin with a meal daily

If you have a severe genetic predisposition then add a full aspirin.  Continue this until your symptoms resolve and for one week after then stop

I often add the following depending on the age of the patient, pre-existing conditions and risk factors:

  1.      Azithromycin antibiotic
  2.      Steroids
  3.      Plaquenil

The key is staying ahead of this.  Don’t wait until you are having trouble breathing to add medication.  The first sign of chest tightness you just move forward and if you have pre-existing conditions then start medications right away.

Many of you are having to make the difficult decision about Thanksgiving gatherings.  These type of gatherings are very high risk so even though you’ve had a tradition for the last 20+ years this might just be the year to do it virtually!

And the most important thing of all…. Be nice!  Everyone has different levels of fear concerning COVID.  On my nextdoor app, I have seen people completely rip apart businesses for not enforcing masks in their stores.  Personally, I witnessed a probably 20 year old young lady come up to a 40 year old man and ask him to wear a mask per that store’s policy only for that man to throw down his items on the floor and threaten to get out his firearm.  He left but that poor young lady was shaken to the core! (Can’t say I was very excited about another gun incident myself)

Even with our mask mandate there are people who won’t wear a mask no matter what.  Be kind to the businesses just trying to survive and keep their employees safe not only from COVID but from the anger and outrage this is creating (on top of everything else).  Do your part and don’t be part of the problem and let’s all work together to keep our cities open!

To your health,