As we are turning the corner into spring with the redbud’s in bloom, plants emerging from their winter sleep and grass starting to get greener now is the best time to start waking up yourself, too. New Year’s resolutions are long gone and yet here you still are in the same spot with the same issues. I saw a meme on social media that I wish I had saved. It basically said something like … you would do anything for your kids but will you take care of yourself for them? After all, if you aren’t healthy then you won’t be there for your kids, your family or anyone for that matter. Committing to a healthy lifestyle is flat out hard. How many times have you tried? Oh, I tried. All that means is one single attempt. Bet that didn’t go very far, did it?

When I started to play golf, I first went out on the practice range and hit some balls thinking I was ready to go out on the course. As you can imagine it was beyond ugly. Let’s just say I got my money’s worth of the time on the course! But I didn’t quit because I knew that playing once or twice wasn’t going to be enough to make me a better player. I took a few lessons, did a lot of practicing-putting, chipping and on the range. I listened to others around me who were more experienced and worked on doing what they were telling me. Hit it this way, change your grip, etc. It wasn’t always easy. I recall a very specific time that I had hit my ball into the sand that had a very high bank on it to get the ball out. My fellow players were doing their best to instruct me – angle the club, open the face, move your legs. I bet I attempted to get that ball out of the bunker 10 times (which is a lot in the game of golf) they were still giving me instructions and instead of listening to them I just picked up the ball and threw it out onto the green. Walked over and hit the ball eventually into the hole and just moved on. I was beyond frustrated so I found a work around and just kept going. The next hole was a whole new opportunity to do something better. When I would hit a plateau in my game I would go back to a lesson, more practice. The end result wasn’t a perfect game. The result was when I was out on the course I could actually enjoy myself (most of the time). I had a realistic expectation on what my score should be but always strived to make it just a few points better. I didn’t TRY to play golf. I committed to learning it within my ability (which means I had to come to terms with realistic expectations too which is a whole other story).

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What have you learned in the past? Think about the steps and dedication it took to do your job.  How you learned to cook? How about driving? Yes, think back that far. You didn’t give up, you just kept going and pushing thru. Now, take that level of commitment into your present day. Where in your life do you need to quit trying and just commit? Need to lose 50 pounds? You goal isn’t 50, it is the one pound you can accomplish this week by changing your diet and adding movement. They call these baby steps for a reason. Working on something you have “tried” in the past opens past failures, makes you feel vulnerable, discouraged before you even start. Today is a new beginning. Let go of the past and if this is something you really want then you have to figure out a way to take that first step.


Don’t give up on yourself.

Quit trying.


And to borrow the famous slogan from Nike…. Just do it.

This is your spring pep talk.  Share with us what you are going to commit to on social media.  Saying your intention out loud helps you commit and offers accountability!

To your health,