As we are seeing more and more cases of positive cases of COVID, the number of deaths are a fraction of what we had seen initially.  Why?  A study reported the death rate in ICU’s was 62% in March and by the end of May it was down to 40%.  While we would love to say the medical community has figured this out, there is another reason that is very important. The virus has mutated…..

READ ON to learn how this important mutation is changing the virus profile – yep we are getting geeky again….

When the virus first came on the scene the DNA structure of the virus showed a sequence of D614.  Now in the last few months the majority of the viruses sequenced are G614.  So let’s make this simple.  When a mutation occurs, in this case the replacement of the D with the G it changes how the virus acts.  The G variant causes the coronavirus to be able to attach better meaning it is more contagious.  So perhaps it is not just people getting out causing the spikes but a combination of people getting out more with the fact that this is more contagious in general.  Another interesting trend is with more cases we should be seeing the astronomical deaths like we did initially but we aren’t.  They are starting to think that even though this variant is more contagious it is not as deadly.  People are just not getting as sick with this variant (at least this is what I am gleaning from the information I read)!  GREAT NEWS!!  Just to be clear, people can still get very sick with this virus and die but there are more and more cases that have mild symptoms.

Viruses change and morph all the time and it wouldn’t be surprising if it changes again.  This is one of the reasons why vaccines may be limited in efficacy.  Vaccine trials are ongoing with an unprecedented trial of using humans as guinea pigs for the vaccines.  Just WOW. Even if they do find a vaccine that may help with this virus there will be no long term studies to see what the long term affects will be so don’t hold out and think this is going to be the holy grail.

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In the meantime, we are all trying to live life, be safe and move forward.  Suicides are up, sexual abuse is up, child abuse is skyrocketing.  People are angry they have to wear a mask and people are angry if others are not wearing a mask.  This is one of those times we all have to stop, take a deep breath and look at the big picture.  We have to stay open.  We have to get our kids back in school.  We have to keep our economy going.  And yet, we need to stay as safe as possible.  If we have to wear a mask to keep our society moving forward then so be it.  Mask up.  Businesses/counties aren’t making mask mandates to take away your rights.  They are doing it to keep their businesses open based on the information and recommendations of the CDC (center for disease control).  I know all about the studies on masks – oh believe me I know.  At this point, this is not about my opinion or yours.  It is about what is it going to take to move forward.  Personally, I would rather see a store full of masked people than a closed sign on the outside of the store.

We are all doing the best we can in an unprecedented time.  Don’t focus on a minor inconvenience instead work on your own health. Boost your immune system, exercise and eat better.  Studies are still showing higher fatalities with people who are obese, have diabetes and heart disease.  Changes you start today will make a difference!!

Be kind, be patient and be healthy.

To your health,