Inflammation presents in so many ways: joint pain, muscle aches, scarring, & intermittent swelling of hands/feet. When this occurs the faster you get on top of it the better the results so, next time you have an inflammatory flare try these three things:
1. Eat super clean. If you have any foods that even bother you a little bit then remove them from your diet. Eat lots of good veggies and limit red meat and other potentially allergenic foods. If you don’t know what your triggers are then eliminate gluten, dairy, corn and soy for a few weeks.
2. Hydrate. Water helps flush toxins out. You get an extra bonus point if you have one cup of warm water with lemon in it daily, this provides a gentle liver detox.
3. Supplement plan. There are many different supplements that help with inflammation. Look for products with bromelain, curcumin, and IG26 and for significant inflammation consider enzymes. Check out VitalzymXe, IG26, InflammaCore and UltraCur/Curcuplex/Mervia – all of these are some of my go-to’s for inflammation. We have these in stock so just ask us about them.

The most important thing about inflammation is trying to figure out what is causing it. Sometimes it’s obvious like an injury or the result of trying to be a weekend warrior. However, there are many times that is not the case. If you are continuously feeling inflamed then you need to figure out why. I am a huge believer that food sensitivities are the number one cause of inflammation in our bodies. It doesn’t have to be bad food to cause problems and to complicate things reactions can occur quickly or be delayed even by 2-3 days. There are several pathways that are associated with food sensitivities so if you have been working with an allergist they only work with IgE pathways. In my experience the majority of the food reactions are IgG which are completely different than the IgE pathway. That’s why when I found a test that looks at BOTH and looks at 81 foods I was so excited! Vitality members of the IV lounge and Laura Miles MD patients can do this special test. Just call us and ask about our food sensitivity testing. Another major cause of inflammation is gum disease & bad root canals so I always encourage my patients to have their mouth evaluated.

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