As we enter the darker months and have the holidays swirling around us, you may not be so HoHoHo but rather Bah Humbug.  Depression increases during the holidays for a variety of reasons that each of you could make an entire list of all the challenges this season provides but add in the darker days with lower light we get an added dollop of the blues.  I had posted a video on Instagram prior to Thanksgiving but I will share it again in case you didn’t see it.

Here are 4 tips to help you thru this difficult time.  READ ON….

  1. Get moving – simply taking a walk around the block can lift your spirits even if it is dark and dreary outside! If you don’t like the weather then head over to a mall and do a lap.  Take a yoga class in person or pull up a free one online and make yourself participate.  Studies show that exercise is very helpful when dealing with depression and lower mood.
  2. Check your vitamin D level – vitamin D is a happy hormone and when our skin is exposed to sunlight we release this amazing hormone. It stands to reason when the days are darker and colder, you’ve covered up your skin so we have less vitamin D.  Supplementation is easy.  I like basing the dose off of your levels with the goal being at least 60 up to 100.  Always use vitamin D3 and if you take more than 5000 IU daily pair it with K2 and take it with a meal for optimal absorption.
  3. Buy a therapy light. You can find these all over the internet.  You will want one that gives you 10,000 lux light intensity at a reasonable sitting distance away from the light.  Most good ones will give you this amount of light about 12 inches away.  Just even working in front of one of these lights 20-30 minutes a day can make a difference in many people.  Make sure it is UV free.  These come in different light color temperatures of which you will see noted as “kelvin”.  The higher the number the brighter, cooler the light which the lower numbers are warmer.  Many have adjustments so you can try several different colors.
  4. Ask for help. Now is not the time to white knuckle it. I know you are busy but if you don’t stop and take care of yourself then you won’t be able to help anyone else!  Talk to a trusted friend or find a counselor.  Just don’t think for one second you are the only one having the blues because you are not!!
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Let’s help each other thru the holidays.  If you find out someone is alone invite them over for your family meal.  Be kind to all the random people you see as you just never know what is going on their lives.

To your health,