3 Key MMJ Components

Understanding the different terms with MMJ is the first step in understanding which one might be a better choice for your medical condition.  Our body has cannabinoid receptors all over our bodies.  We naturally produce endocannabinoids but lately attention has been turned to the phytocannabinoids which means derived from a [...]

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Predicting Accelerated Aging

It is always fun to see medical research dive into the underlying causes of disease and now they are starting to look at the underlying causes of accelerated aging.  Researchers from Buck and Stanford University have created an inflammatory clock of aging which measures inflammatory load and predicts multi-morbidity, frailty, [...]

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3 Reasons You Are Hungry All the Time

Are you hungry all the time?  Just finished eating and within an hour you are hungry again?  This leads to overeating and weight gain over time.  Then you start a diet and yet you are still hungry and even worse you don’t lose a pound.  READ ON for 3 reasons [...]

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What to expect with the COVID vaccine

Many of you have already had the vaccine while the majority of you are in cue for the various phases.  I am part of a nationwide physicians COVID group and we get actual real time reports of physician/patient covid experiences and the vaccine is one of the topics.  Read on [...]

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Helping our kids….

Many of you have kids of all stages of life and during times like these mama and papa bears come out and try to protect our cubs.  There are some unique challenges we are all facing as parents.  Perhaps your young adults aren’t taking this seriously, maybe your teen is [...]

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Is the Impossible Burger good for you?

I have been hearing a lot about the impossible burger these days and thought I would explore what all the hype was about.  The impossible burger is the latest in attempts of plant based products that supposedly looks, tastes and even bleeds like real meat.  You might be surprised to [...]

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8 Tips for a great Dr’s visit

In this medical climate, it is becoming harder and harder to navigate your healthcare so I wanted to share some tips that may make it more productive for you. Read on for eight tips of making the most of any healthcare visit from labs to insurance to your office visit [...]

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