How are you?  Really!

I have spoken to many people in the last few weeks with varying degrees of anxiety, fear combined with cautious optimism and hope.  This is an unprecedented time but we will get thru this….together.  Hang in there!

To help us all build our immune systems and get on track for life in general, we are launching our 8 week wellness program starting tomorrow!  JOIN US!!  We want to build a community group to help each other thru this time.  Not only will we be doing weekly webinars you will get regular emails giving you tidbits of information surrounding our topic of the week.  In addition, if you register you will automatically get a 21 day mindfulness series!  We can all use that!  We know finances are tight so we have made this a donation based program.  Pay what you can from $49 to FREE.

In the meantime, here are a few easy things to do to boost your immune system right now…   READ ON

  1. Sleep! We restore and boost our immune system when we sleep.
  2. Eat healthy. It will be super easy to fall into a trap of eating a lot of junk food and drink a lot more alcohol to cope.  Instead, take this time to work on eating better.  Dig out your cookbook or look online and find some healthy recipes and start making those shifts.
  3. Add these powerhouse spices to your food for an immune boost:
    1. Garlic – use lots of fresh garlic- it does more than keep vampires away!
    2. Ginger – make your own ginger tea by mixing 2 TBSP lemon juice, 1 TBSP honey and 2-3 inches of raw ginger in 12 ounces of boiling water. Allow to cool a bit and enjoy.
    3. Oregano
    4. Tumeric – a great anti-inflammatory also
    5. Cayenne pepper (this has a high dose of vitamin A which has been touted as an immune booster)
  4. Supplements – ok.  I almost don’t want to mention anything because most everything I reach for is on backorder but so you know.  I’m keeping this short and just giving you the names to look for in products since it is difficult to find the specific ones I use.
    1. Vitamin C – I would use 2000mg daily (if you get Gut side effects decrease the dose)
    2. Andrographis – if you start getting a cough then reach for this
    3. Licorice root – watch your blood pressure if you take this
    4. Scutellaria
    5. Astragalus
    6. Mushroom extracts
  1. Exercise – go for a walk several times a day and notice the beautiful day. This simple act boosts your immune system.  Take advantage of all the local gyms offering online classes.  Now is the time to try them.
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I hope you are able to join in on our wellness program for even more tips and information!

To your health,