Let’s talk positive for a change…..  We WILL get thru this. China is already having several days in a row with no new cases and no deaths.  Look for the positive that is happening all around.  People tipping more when given the opportunity, neighbors reaching out and supporting each other, kindness shown by the grocery stores to the high risk population by opening for an hour exclusively for them, people supporting their local businesses by buying packages for exercise classes or ordering takeout, and the list goes on.  Oklahoma has a proven track record for stepping up and helping each other and I have faith this will be no different.

READ ON for some important do’s and don’ts to help you navigate thru this time…  Be sure and scroll all the way down for our upcoming online wellness program!  You won’t want to miss this!

First the DON’TS…..

  • Do not buy masks and surgical gloves. Our hospitals are in a crisis shortage mode and supply chains are like the bare shelves of toilet paper.  If you want to wear gloves pull out your winter gloves and wash them often.  Don’t forget the plastic gloves you used to wash the dishes with – they will work perfectly and you can wash your hands with them using soap and water and disinfect them easily.
  • Do not insist on getting tested and don’t panic if you aren’t. Remember, the majority of people who have this will have a mild case and require no hospitalization of any kind. There is no treatment for this so if you think you have it then self-isolate yourself for the sake of your family and others.   I look at all the people on the news that going into a tent to get tested.  Chances are they were negative walking in but now have had a huge exposure.  If you end up in the hospital then they will test you there.  If we get more test kits then the opportunity to test more may occur but for now there is a huge shortage.
  • Don’t panic and go to the ER if you have mild symptoms. If you are having trouble breathing go to the ER.
  • Do not go buy chloroquine (the anti-malarial drug). The panic will create a shortage for the people who really need it (if it turns out to be useful).  If we can all do our part in this then if you are the one that needs this drug then it will be there.
  • Do not focus on the death rates. There will be a rapid rise in death rates but the percentages of deaths to the number of cases reported will be grossly over estimated because as we are witnessing not many people have access to the testing.  Therefore there are thousands of people that have and will survive this virus that are not getting counted in this number.  In the upcoming weeks, our death toll will rise rapidly.  Keep in mind we lost 34,000 people in the US last year to the flu.  The difference will be the death rate will rise rapidly rather than slowly accumulating over a year and the media will be reporting every single one.  Losing anyone is a tragedy but we have got to step back and not panic.

So instead of getting caught up in the panic DO these things instead…..

  • Schedule a virtual dinner or glass of wine with friends. I have been doing this for years with some of my friends in other states so why not do this locally?  We pick a date and time and then jump on the phone to catch up.  This past week we had a three way phone call and had some much needed laughter!  Just because we are limiting contact doesn’t mean withdrawing!
  • Practice letting go. When circumstances are out of our control it can be very fearful.  We have had so much control in our lives and this is a huge opportunity to finally just let go of trying to control everything.
  • Take time to reconnect. Enjoy the lack of having to be somewhere with five zillion activities for the kids.  We have been forced to slow down and spend time with our families rather than running the rat race we typically do.
  • Start making healthy lifestyle changes now. This virus will be around awhile and everything is pointing to a healthy immune system as being the most protective thing we can do.  Here are some areas to work on…
    1. Quit smoking. YESTERDAY!  Studies have shown for years that even within an hour of your last cigarette your lungs are thanking you.  Since this virus has some significant lung manifestations take this opportunity as using this as a motivator to stop once and for all.
    2. Start eating healthy. Now that we have more trouble eating out make your choices of eating in healthy.  Be careful, it can be really easy to get in a pity party and just gorge ourselves so set your intention to take this opportunity to meal prep or look up those healthy recipes that you have had on your list for years.  Don’t want to do a major overhaul?  Then just start by cutting back on the amount of pastas/breads/potatoes you eat.  Real Meals Kitchen will be continuing to offer amazing to go meals so take advantage and try them!
    3. Get moving. This is going to be much easier because many of you now actually have time.  So many local yoga studios and trainers are doing live stream classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home. (yes there are many online options but try to support our local gyms if possible.  I know there are many but here are a few links to explore:
      1. Online personal training:
        1. Evolve Fitness: online personal training, live streamed classes that are archived as well as a 4 week online fitness challenge.
        2. Trinity Fitness: online personal training and has a free youtube channel (Trinity Wellness TV)  with some classes posted.  Call 405.315.1195 to book private classes.
      2. Yoga – I’m sure there are more studios doing this but here are the ones I know are streaming classes:
        1. Body Mind Yoga
        2. Soul Yoga OKC
  • Join our wellness program! We want to be a light and help guide you on a health and wellness journey so we are launching an 8 week ONLINE wellness program.  Each week we will be discussing a different topic that is important in your overall wellness using emails and webinars.  Our immune system is so very important right now and you will be surprised at the simple things you can do to boost it!  We know there is a wide variety of financial strains so this class will be a donation based.  You can join us for $49, $25 or even FREE!  We just want you to commit and JOIN US!!
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