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Dr. Laura Miles shares her knowledge on getting healthy and staying healthy through conventional, alternative, and restorative techniques.

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Is PCOS the culprit for your Weight Gain?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that is becoming more common among young women. Hallmarks of PCOS are Irregular periods Excess androgen: elevated levels of testosterone can cause excess facial/body hair Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is the precursor of diabetes and can occur [...]

March 31st, 2024|Educated Consumer, Women's Health|

Are your Medications Robbing your Nutrients?

Medications are necessary and important for managing issues like blood pressure, mental health, cancer, etc.  However, they can come with a cost robbing us of certain key nutrients.  When I hear of studies that indicate long term use of a medication creates issues like dementia, [...]

March 18th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

Combating Bone Loss

As we age bone density starts to drop in almost every woman and many men, too!  When bone density declines you are more prone to breaking a wrist, an arm or the dreaded hip.  You DO NOT want to break a hip because the risk [...]

March 10th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

What if we could detect Cancer Early?

February is World Cancer Day and National Prevention Month.  I look forward to the day that we are no longer talking about cancer and how the rates are climbing especially in our younger generation.  I’m ready to drop the C out this word which just [...]

February 18th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

Memory Loss – potential causes

Memory is such a concern as we age.  Does losing words mean you are headed down a dementia path?  No!  Does one of your family members having dementia or Alzheimer's mean you will get it? No, but you may be at higher risk.  Many other [...]

February 11th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

Dropping a book changed my LIFE!

Dropping a book changed my life!  About 19 years ago , I was at Barnes and Noble looking at a specific book on skin care, I accidentally dropped the book and it opened up to the index.  This one line…literally one line jumped out at [...]

February 9th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

Snacking More for Better Health

By now your New Year’s resolutions may be getting tough so let’s take a step back and figure out a different way to make them doable.  Introducing the concept of “snacks”.  When we think of snacks we are typically thinking of eating in between meals.  [...]

January 7th, 2024|Educated Consumer|

More Muscle and Energy – Yes Please!!

If I told you there was a supplement that could improve your muscle strength by about 12% would you want to hear about it?  How about reducing CRP which is a biomarker of inflammation?  What about improving your physical performance and muscle endurance?    When I [...]

January 4th, 2024|Educated Consumer|
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