Cellulite and skin laxity are two of the most troubling issues as we age.  Men and women have different collagen structures which is why women have a higher tendency toward cellulite than men.  I know – not fair!  In addition, as our skin thins there is a higher tendency toward lax and crepy skin.  And what about scars and stretch marks that just won’t resolve?

Treatments vary from topical creams to surgical intervention.  We are proudly offering a new, non-invasive, pain free treatment for these issues using soundwave technology!

Soundwave technology helps breakdown fat in the cells, enhances elasticity of the connective tissue and improves skin tone.  This results in a decreased appearance of dimples in the skin and improved elasticity.  Soundwave can be used for-

  •      Cellulite
  •      Skin elasticity (tightening of upper arms, above the knees and thighs)
  •      Body shaping (love handles, abdomen, saddle bags)
  •      Scars
  •      Stretch marks

Soundwave technology is:

  •      100% non-invasive
  •      Quick treatment with no downtime
  •      Suitable for all skin types
  •      Applicable for most body parts

Read on to learn more about soundwave therapy for cellulite, skin tightening, body shaping, scars and stretch marks…..


There are four grades of cellulite.

Grade 0 – no dimpling when pressure is applied

Grade 1 – dimpling when pressure is applied

Grade 2 – dimpling is visible when standing but not when laying down

Grade 3 – dimpling is visible when standing or laying down

Cellulite can affect women regardless of their age.  The structural changes decrease circulation to the tissue as well as creates decreased lymphatic drainage which contributes to a malfunction of the cellular activities starting a vicious cycle.   Soundwave technology has been shown in numerous clinical studies to help reduce cellulite and adiposity, improve lymphatic circulation, oxygenation and activation of the metabolic processes.

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Skin Tightening:  Our skin loses its elasticity as we age or if there has been a significant weight loss.  Lifestyle choices can also accelerate loss of elasticity like excessive sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.  Soundwave can stimulate the cells responsible for increasing the collagen cohesion producing a more toned, firmed look of the skin.  I have done this myself and noticed a difference after the very first treatment!  Typical treatment areas include the upper arms, thighs and above the knees.

Body shaping:  the abdomen, love handles and saddle bags are such tricky areas to target even after you have lost weight.  Soundwave therapy can help because of its ability to regenerate tissue and promote circulation.  This can be used alone or as a pre-treatment for liposuction to help prepare the skin and address the elasticity issue.

Scars and stretch marks: Soundwave addresses these by helping to stimulate circulation and oxygenation to the tissues helping promote tightening and healing of the tissue.

Obviously, changing your lifestyle patterns is the number one piece to address to help your overall health but consider soundwave technology for those stubborn, resistant spots.

To your health,