Cellulite seems to be the most common body issue in women and it is always a topic for lamenting!    It is formed from multiple factors including inheriting the predisposition from your parents, geez.  Thanks mom and dad!  It’s amazing that it doesn’t matter your size, your weight, how much you exercise… if you have it, you have it and we are always looking for ways to change that.

The underlying issue is that the connective fibers lose their elasticity which creates anchors resulting in divots.  These divots form pockets of fat and because of decreased circulation, they become engorged.  Fat in cellulite is thought to contain 40-80% water where fat elsewhere in the body has around 20%.  Because of the engorgement, an upward pressure is created on the skin surface which gives cellulite the classic bumpy orange peel effect.

There are a lot of things touting getting rid of cellulite on the market and believe me, I am just as interested in this as you!  We are trying out a new formula from Jan Marini that has seen some amazing results so be sure to read about CelluliTx.  Before I tell you about CelluliTx, let’s look at the other cellulite treatments on the market.

  1.       Cellfina:  an FDA-cleared treatment that consists of a needle-sized device that apparently cuts the fibrous tissues that causes the anchors, smoothing out the dimpling.  It costs approximately $4000 but supposedly the results may last 2-3 years. There are three locations here in the city offering this treatment.  Find providers here   Another similar treatment called Cellulaze is similar but uses a laser instead of blades and may last 1-2 years.  It is more expensive, upward to the $5,800 range.
  2.      Velashape III: This device uses infrared light and radio frequency energy to shape the body and reduce fat layers.  It is also FDA-approved and is consider non-invasive.  This device apparently works on increasing the lymphatic drainage and supposedly reduces the size of the fat cells.  You have to have at least three-four treatments before results start to appear and studies show that cellulite was reduced for at least a year and in some cases, longer.  Ongoing maintenance every few months is recommended.   Cost is about $1100.  Find providers here
  3.      CoolSculpting: This procedure is a FDA approved non-surgical reduction treatment.  It uses controlled cooling to sculpt challenging area by crystallizing the fat cells which apparently freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues.  The fat cells die and your body eliminates them over time.  Results may take anywhere from 3 weeks to two months to appear.  Coolsculpting may have a longer circumferential reduction in size than Velashape but shorter duration of decreased appearance of cellulite.  Cost varies by the size of area you want to treat with sessions starting around $750 per hour on up to $1,500 per hour.  Find providers here 
  4.      Thermage: This typically tightens loose skin from the inside out.  It is a radiofrequency technology that produces currents that cause your collagen to contract and gradually reform.  Results may last several years and may occur after only one treatment.  Cost may range from $1,000 to $5,000 again depending on location and size of treatment area.   Find providers here
  5.      Cellulite creams: Historically, most creams focus just on caffeine which dehydrates the skin causing the fat cells to appear less prominent.  They require continued daily treatment for continued results.
    1.      Jan Marini’s CelluliTX cream is a bit different than other creams in that they have found an interesting combination of 11 ingredients that may help improve circulation, collagen, decrease engorgement, inflammation, skin texture and water retention. You have to use it daily for about one month and then maintenance is only 2 times a week afterward to maintain.  One tube will last close to two months depending on the amount of skin areas you are treating.  The picture linked to this shows treatment before and after one MONTH of use.  Not only did the dimpling improve the circumference of the area treated improved, too.  We have this in stock!!
  1.      Dry Brushing: This involves a stiff-bristled brush against the skin in upward strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system.  I love dry brushing and think it is terrific for working on the lymphatic system but I have never noticed it changing one dimple.
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Keep in mind, many of these options are not a “cure” for cellulite but a temporary result.  Costs listed are for reference only and if you are interested in one of the treatments listed I would urge you to call some local places and price it out yourself as prices vary by body part and treatment center.   Some procedures are approved for certain body parts so please consult with your physician about which option would be appropriate for you.

To your health,