Ever wonder why you always get sick around the holidays or after?  It’s because you have literally spent the last month (or two) running around in every which way possible and have WORN…YOURSELF…OUT.  When you wear yourself out, the immune system decreases too and next thing you know- you are sick!  So, if you are all stressed out then put on the brakes. It’s time to stop and do these three things right now!

READ ON as I discuss 3 easy steps you can do right this moment to decrease your stress level during this busy time…..

  1. Breathe – I know. But when we are stressed our breath is different and our shoulders sneak up to our ears limiting the ability to truly take a relaxing deep breath.  Put your hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest and take a breath.  I bet the hand on your chest went up and down didn’t it.  Now, focus on taking a breath in but making the hand on your belly push out.  Slow breath counting in to 5 and exhale to 5.  Do this three times all focusing on making the hand on your belly moving out.  Now breathe normally and notice the difference in the hand movement on your chest.  It should have decreased significantly and you might have even noticed your shoulders relaxing a bit.  Anytime you are feeling stressed stop and do a few “belly breaths” and you can get recentered quickly!
  2. Tap – you have heard me talk about tapping before but when you are super stressed this is just so easy to do and since it only requires your hands you are already ready to go! Take a look at the youtube videos on tapping for anxiety to gain more knowledge.  I personally like the Tapping Solution videos but you may find one you love.  Just get familiar with the concept and try it.  In the meantime, let’s take a really big shortcut.  The side of your hand where your pinky finger is to your wrist is called the “karate chop” area in tapping.  Take the opposite hand using the tips of your four fingers and gently tap the karate chop area.  Simply say to yourself…even though I am stressed, I completely love and accept myself.  Do this focusing on the tapping several times.  Slow it down and don’t speed through this.  If you are familiar with tapping then do the full sequence for an extra bonus but I have found just breathing, doing the karate chop tapping and saying I completely love and accept myself to be enough to start to ground me when a lot is going on.
  3. Walk – take a lap around the office, stand up and march in place, take a flight of stairs – just get moving even if it is only for a few minutes. When you finish moving stand in place and sweep your hands from the sides of your body out reaching up to the sky while taking a deep breath in and then release your arms the same path down to your sides and repeat this sequence several times.  Do the breath movement slowly.  Another great variation is when your hands are at the top reaching for the sky turn your palms down toward the floor and consciously push them towards the floor.  You don’t have to go all the way down, just to where your arms would naturally rest.  This is a “grounding” motion and can help you get re-centered.
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