When I  go on a trip I bring along a few supplements (in addition to my regular ones) “just in case” so I thought I would share my pill box with you…

  • Melatonin – If I am changing time zones (especially overseas trips), I always take Melatonin.  I take about 3-6mg at bedtime the night I arrive at my destination and continue it for a few nights.  I do it again on my arrival back home.  Melatonin is really good at helping “reset” your internal clock and I feel like I get back on track faster when I use it.  Melatonin can give you some pretty crazy dreams so just be aware of this.
  • Baby Aspirin – If I am traveling long distances, I start a baby aspirin daily with food starting 4 days prior to the trip.  I continue it for a few days into the trip and then do the same coming back.  If you have a history of ulcers or have an allergy to it then don’t use it .  No need to take more aspirin if you already take it.  Always take it with food because it can eat right thru your stomach lining and then you are in real trouble!
  •  Sinatrol  by Orthomolecular – This is my go to for the first signs of sinus issues.  I am prone to sinus infections but when I take this at the very first sign of congestion I can usually avoid it.  Since I never know what I am going to be exposed to on my trips I always carry a few days worth of this.
  • Acetyl Glutathione by Xymogen – Because I have food sensitivities I want to be able to clear any exposure I’ve had as quickly as possible so I don’t feel miserable for days.  It won’t help me avoid my reaction but it doesn’t last as long when I take it.  I travel everywhere with a few of these in my purse – always (along with a benadryl just in case it is a huge exposure).
  • ColonX by Xymogen – Time changes, airports and flying always do a number on being “regular”.  I usually have a few of these around to make sure I’m staying on track as much as possible.
  • Probiotics:  If I am traveling to Mexico or another country that I am concerned about their water, etc I usually take a quality probiotic starting the week prior to my trip and while I am there.  My go to is Xymogen ProBioMax Daily.
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Bon Voyage!  Buon Viaggio!  Buen Viaje! Have a good trip!!!