Introducing the Nutraeval test by Genova.

When I am really diving into underlying issues sometimes just measuring a level of a nutrient is not enough.  For example, I can easily measure B12 levels but it doesn’t mean you are actually able to use that nutrient.  With the B12 level being normal we know that you are absorbing it but can it get used by the cells?  This is when a functional analysis become important.

The Nutraeval test may be helpful for people with the following conditions:

  •             Unexplained fatigue
  •             Chronic pain/inflammatory conditions
  •             Migraines
  •             Cardiovascular risk
  •             General health
  •             Sports optimization

This is the granddaddy of all tests and can really point to underlying causes of issues.  I find this test useful in complicated cases where we suspect some blockages or deficiencies.

READ on to see all the many areas this test evaluates….

The Nutraeval test looks at so many different aspects.

  •             Gut imbalances (not as thorough as a stool analysis but can really tip off an overgrowth)
  •             Mitochondria
  •             Functional analysis of the B vitamins as well as many other nutrients
  •             Amino acid analysis
  •             Fatty acid analysis (omega 3, 6, & 9)
  •             Oxidative stress markers like coenzyme Q, glutathione as well as a few more
  •             Mineral status
  •             Heavy metals (partial panel)

Here are a few instances I have found this test to be helpful:

The mitochondria are at the core of cellular energy and if you recall that old seventh grade science “kreb cycle” then you studied the mitochondria.  With a functional analysis you can see where there is a glitch in the cycle and get a tip in the right direction of how to optimize it.  I have a wonderful patient who for years we had suspected a mitochondrial issue.  The only way to really diagnose this in traditional medicine is a very expensive biopsy and getting this done proved to be very challenging.  We started a protocol addressing the mitochondria and their symptoms of overwhelming fatigue improved dramatically.  Later down the road we did this functional analysis and it confirmed the mitochondrial issue and subsequently she did have a neurologist finally confirm a mitochondrial issue.

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A veteran that had returned from overseas with some dramatic symptoms.  It was clear they were not detoxifying and I suspected that the chemicals they were exposed to overseas had created a functional problem.  We did the Nutraeval and this confirmed a significant block in the cellular energy cycle so we knew exactly where to target.  By knowing exactly what to target we were able to maximize a program to help get around that blockade as much as possible.  This proved to be a difficult task and I was grateful we had a clear path of something to target.

When working with a marathon runner, it was clear that the nutrient status was deficient even though they were eating appropriate foods.  With the Nutraeval, we were able to identify specific areas to target even more.

If you want to dive deeper into your underlying issues then this just might be the test to explore.  Check out this test here.


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