Thanksgiving is usually filled with food, food and more food.  Many of you might be suffering a post-Thanksgiving food hangover.  Symptoms like bloating, joint pain, headaches, swelling fingers, bottom of feet hurting when you first get out of bed, diarrhea, and constipation can be related to what you eat.  Take note how you felt this past weekend and I suspect a lightbulb just went off with the realization that your diet really does affect your daily life.  How do we start clearing all of these toxic foods out?  Do a DETOX diet!!

When you detox there can be several benefits:

  1.      You feel better. Those achy joints, headaches, bloating, drippy nose, brain fog and digestive issues often improve.
  2.      You eliminate food sensitivities. You are basically doing an elimination diet so if there is a food that is creating many of your symptoms then a good detox diet will help you uncover them.
  3.      Cuts down on cravings. Sugar is one of the most addictive substances available.  When you eliminate them 100% then the cravings resolve!
  4.      Improved sleep. When you eliminate the alcohol, sugars as well as other foods that create sugar issues sleep often improves.
  5.      Improved sex. Drinking, smoking as well as chronic exposure to sugar and chemicals all work against our sex hormones which can create some imbalances.  While a 10 day detox might not be an instant transformation, continuing a cleaner diet has been shown to improve the hormone imbalance therefore improving libido!

I can give you many more reasons taking a break from your everyday toxic food choices can be of benefit so READ ON to learn more about what detoxing is all about and to learn more about our upcoming 2020 detox program….

Our body has several organs all designed to help detoxify chemicals and toxins from our body.  The kidneys, liver and skin are some of our biggest detoxifiers.  The detox diet itself is just designed to limit the amount of total toxins presented to these organs.  We eat and drink so many things that are hard on our systems:  alcohol, sugar, caffeine, salt as well as all the processed foods.  Just getting these out of your diet you are well on your way to detoxing!  Add in a supplements that targets actual detoxification pathways in the liver and you are in full swing.

There is no special magic to detoxing.  It is just a matter of committing to do it which is why doing a specific detox diet that has strict guidelines often helps get people motivated.  We have done many different detoxes over the years and I can tell you I get great feedback on how good people feel after they have completed the program.  I often see and hear each time someone does a detox their diet continues to improve!

Have you ever wanted to Detox but was scared what that would mean?  Many people assume detoxing will make you run to the bathroom, feel very sick or you will be starving.  Some detoxes do use things like laxatives and diruetics but I am not a fan of those.  If a detox is done correctly, there are usually very few symptoms!   If you have a highly processed and high caffeine/alcohol diet then you will have some of the typical detox symptoms.  Headaches, feeling achy and tired for the first few days is very common until all that has cleared your system.   The cleaner your diet the fewer the side-effects.  I don’t anticipate any diarrhea as we never do any detox with laxatives in it.  That being said, sometimes the supplements can affect an individual differently so keep that in mind.  This is also not a starvation diet.  We EAT!  Yes, there are some detox shakes but you can eat as much as you want of the approved foods.

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There are many different good detox programs available.  Our office has led group detoxes with Designs for Health and Xymogen programs before and these are available if you just love these and want to do them again.  This year we are going to change it up and do a plant based detox.  Plant based diets are in the headlines these days because of all the health benefits.  The biggest hurdle of this type of diet is the transition.  I often hear of people eating a highly processed diet all in the name of plant based only because they aren’t aware of all the options.  Our plant based detox will introduce you to some yummy foods so that way maybe when it is all over you will be able to incorporate more veggies into your day-to-day diet.  I’m not aiming for 100% plant based – that’s on you if you want to do that.  I just want you to eat more veggies!  We know veggies are packed with antioxidants and help with so many health conditions like blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol to name a few.

To make our diet super easy we have once again partnered with Trinity’s Real Meals Kitchen to provide a complete menu option!  It can’t get any easier that this!  In addition, I want to not only focus on detoxing your body but I’ve added TWO classes: one helping you detox your home and the other detoxing your mind that are included in the detox!

We will be starting January 6 and the detox is 10 days.  Class times will be announced in several weeks.  They will be evening classes for everyone’s convenience.  If you live out of town and the classes are difficult for you to attend please call us for another option.  As always we will be providing email support to help you stay on track.  If these dates don’t work you can do the detox anytime you want and just look at the emails as you go along.

Click this link for more details about our 2020 detox.  We hope you will join us!

To your health,