Q:  What are some of “my” favorite healthy lifestyle tips?
A:  I could write the entire next years worth of emails on this topic. So many areas to work on so I thought I would give you my top three tips for a healthier you!
1.   Get an attitude adjustment!  NOBODY can make you happy except YOU!  Quit focusing on the negative and bring energy to the positive, fun things happening in your world.  The Law of Attraction states that we receive the same frequency of energy as we put out.  If we are unhappy in our everyday lives we attract more negative energy.  This is why when something goes wrong it is often clustered with other things that are negative.  Shift your thinking and energy and then we start attracting & receiving positive things!
2.  Get moving!  Study after study after study reviews the benefits of exercise.  Gentle movement like taking a walk counts just as much as hitting the gym.  You just get different things out of each one.  A few years ago we did a just get moving campaign introducing movement like salsa dancing, yoga, pilates and Barre 3.  Make it fun and get to know others in your classes or find a workout partner – accountability can really help you stick to it.
3.  Just say NO! This can cover so many areas but I really want you to focus on your over-committed schedule.  So often I have the most amazing patients who are completely snowed under with their schedules that THEY CHOSE.  Wait, wait before you start telling me how you have no control over your schedule…  you aren’t going to want to hear this but you are choosing to keep that crazy schedule.
  • Your job is dumping too many projects on you?  You are choosing to keep that job.  It doesn’t matter that now is not a good time for a job change, you are CHOOSING stay.
  • Your family member is having health issues and you are taking them to their appointments?  You are choosing to be helpful.
  • You are running all over town getting little Suzy to piano, ballet, soccer and _____? You are choosing to allow your child’s schedule to be as crazy as yours and you are choosing to be the only one who can take them to everything.
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Next time you are asked to do something, ask yourself one very important question….do you WANT to do it?  Not are you good at it because I’m sure you are.  Where are your priorities? We should make time for our priorities and release those activities that just fill up our calendar.


I found this quote that I just love:

Instead of “I Don’t have time”

try saying

“It’s not a priority”

and see how that feels…



There you go – top 3 tips and not one of them was about eating or supplements.  If your intention this New Year is focused on these three items then you are well on your way to accomplish anything you set your mind to!