Why the Keto diet works

I can’t believe it is already December!  I literally just finished the last of my gluten free/dairy free cake that for some reason I thought I needed a piece for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Does anyone else do that?  Ugh.  I usually give December a bye since it is more [...]

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Coconut oil health benefits

I literally hear about coconut oil on a daily basis including everything from bullet proof coffee, oil pulling or swishing with coconut oil.  However, traditional medicine especially in the lipid and cholesterol world have been crying that it is a saturated fat and is harmful to your health.  So, I [...]

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How do I Avoid Exposure to Gluten?

Q:  Help!! I am supposed to be gluten free because I am sensitive to it but I keep getting exposed when I eat out.  What am I doing wrong and where can I eat? A:  You are not the only one that has found maneuvering any food sensitivity difficult when [...]

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