Histamine is released in response to all of the triggers listed above.  How much histamine is released determines the severity of symptoms.  Severe reactions, called anaphylaxis, usually requires an EpiPen and a visit to the ER.   These reactions are mediated by the IgE pathway which results in an immediate reaction and the following recommendations do NOT apply for those reactions.

So here are some ways to deal with non- emergent reactions from an over-taxed histamine system:

1.  Avoid any potential allergens as much as possible – that means work on those negative emotions, avoid offending foods and become hormonally balanced.

2.  Support the DAO system:
Product:  HIST-DAO by Xymogen
You take this at the beginning of main meals.  It is not strong enough for severe allergic reactions or IgE reactions and by no means gives you carte blanche to eat the food you know will cause problems.  However, it can help break the histamine down faster which may decrease your reactions severity or duration.

3.  Bind the proteins in food that cause the histamine release: 
Product:   Serenaid by Klarie labs  
Products like these target food allergens with gluten and dairy being the primary targets.  Take these prior to meals.  I have found these help lessen the severity of symptoms although you will still react.

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4.  Natural support for seasonal allergens:  
Product:  DHist by Orthomolecular or XHist by Xymogen

These products don’t deplete the histamine, instead they naturally decrease the reaction to the allergens by including things like vitamin C (which happens to be a really good histamine blocker), bromelain and N-acetyl-cysteine.

5.  Help clear the system:
Product:  Acteyl-glutathione by Xymogen
If you do get a food exposure I have found acetyl-glutathione can really help clear it from the system faster.  In our office, we had a patient who had come in for her appointment after she had just had a gluten exposure (and her reactions were severe).  We gave her IV glutathione and she walked out a new person.  I use these capsules post-exposure to help me get back on track quicker.  I still react but it is not as severe and doesn’t last as long.  I take them as soon as I realize I have had an exposure.