How do I Avoid Exposure to Gluten?

Q:  Help!! I am supposed to be gluten free because I am sensitive to it but I keep getting exposed when I eat out.  What am I doing wrong and where can I eat? A:  You are not the only one that has found maneuvering any food sensitivity difficult when [...]

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Boosting Your Immune System

Q: I always seem to get sick around the holidays, is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening?  A: Great question!  When we are busy, busy focusing on everything but ourselves our bodies go into a fight or flight mode.  The fight or flight mode was created [...]

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Allergy Season!!

Drip, Drip, Drip.... Allergy season is hitting hard and early this year often sending you into a spiral of drip, drip, drip...infection.  While we can't control the amount of pollen, dust or pollution in the air we can help decrease our overall response. All allergens cause a release of histamine [...]

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Sinus Infection Help

I am prone to seasonal allergies and although eliminating my offending foods really helped I would still often end up with a sinus infection.   That changed once I found Sinatrol by Orthomolecular. Sinatrol helps thin the mucous & decreases the irritation of the sinuses which helps everything flow out [...]

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What is the best way for your body to process an overload of histamine?

Histamine is released in response to all of the triggers listed above.  How much histamine is released determines the severity of symptoms.  Severe reactions, called anaphylaxis, usually requires an EpiPen and a visit to the ER.   These reactions are mediated by the IgE pathway which results in an immediate [...]

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