I am prone to seasonal allergies and although eliminating my offending foods really helped I would still often end up with a sinus infection.   That changed once I found Sinatrol by Orthomolecular. Sinatrol helps thin the mucous & decreases the irritation of the sinuses which helps everything flow out rather than getting trapped causing an infection.  The minute I start feeling like I am getting drainage I start taking this and will take it for 5-10 days depending on my symptoms.  The key is when you start it.  If you wait until you already have a full blown sinus problem it won’t work.
This product is also great at the end of an antibiotic round for a sinus infection because it is very difficult to completely resolve an infection in only 10 days.  Start this when the antibiotics are finished and take it for another 10 days. I keep a bottle of this in my cabinet at all times and always travel with a few pills just in case.

I also use Xhist by Xymogen or Dhist by Orthomolecular instead of using any over-the-counter antihistamine.  I find for me they work just as well and I am not dried out as much.

Now that you are armed and ready for seasonal allergies I hope your new arsenal of knowledge helps you have a better fall!
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