Boosting Your Immune System

Q: I always seem to get sick around the holidays, is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening?  A: Great question!  When we are busy, busy focusing on everything but ourselves our bodies go into a fight or flight mode.  The fight or flight mode was created [...]

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Allergy Season!!

Drip, Drip, Drip.... Allergy season is hitting hard and early this year often sending you into a spiral of drip, drip, drip...infection.  While we can't control the amount of pollen, dust or pollution in the air we can help decrease our overall response. All allergens cause a release of histamine [...]

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Sinus Infection Help

I am prone to seasonal allergies and although eliminating my offending foods really helped I would still often end up with a sinus infection.   That changed once I found Sinatrol by Orthomolecular. Sinatrol helps thin the mucous & decreases the irritation of the sinuses which helps everything flow out [...]

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