Do you get sore and stiff muscles after exercise? It’s easy to injure oneself while training, so enough importance can’t be placed on proactively healing the body after intense exercise. Here are my top five tips to help with muscle recovery:

  1. Eat during extended periods of exercise. A general rule of thumb is to eat a small amount of protein during training exceeding one hour. A 2-hour run, for example, warrants a protein break, so pack accordingly!
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Waiting until the body is thirsty, means it’s too late! For every 24 ounces of water consumed during exercise, 8 ounces of that should contain electrolytes. Add them to your water or take them by themselves (like GU gel).
  3. Eat properly after exercise. The body needs 15-20 grams of protein (sometimes more depending on one’s size, and the intensity of exercise) within 45 minutes of completing a workout. Whey protein is very bioavailable, and is often a good choice assuming dairy is a dietary option.
  4. Sleep. When squeezing intense workouts into an already busy schedule sleep is often the first necessity sacrificed. But remember that sleep is the ultimate repair engine. Get plenty of rest before and after training; don’t short change yourself! Sleep may be disrupted by exercising intensely before bed, so adjusting a workout schedule accordingly may just reap some more shuteye.
  5. Help your muscles recover after exercise by proactively taking care of them.
    • a. IV Glutathione should be a staple for every intense exercise enthusiast. It provides rapid delivery for muscle repairing, and has been shown to decrease exercise induced fatigue by decreasing the amount of lactic acid produced during exercise.
    • b. Other nutrients that help with muscle recovery include L-carnitine, vitamin C, curcumin, and vitamin E, among many others…
    • c. Ig 26 by Xymogen helps by reducing inflammation incurred from intense exercise. My brother is an avid cyclist who often treks 100 miles in a weekend. When he began using this product he noticed a rapid improvement in his recovery time, which ultimately led to increased performance and endurance.
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